Artist Statement



In my current body of work I explore interaction through abstract line figures and marks. My work relies on intuitive drawings of patterns, trails of markings and environmental narratives.

The line is my basic tool for communication. It is the spontaneous drawing and pattern-making that inspires me as an artist. In the work the lines are three-dimensional and add an element that is reflective of braille, a knitted stitch or a sewn seam.

The women of my family have been quilters, knitters and fiber craft makers for many generations. The lines and dots of stitches have greatly influenced me. It is the small marks, the stitch, that hold quilts together and at times it is the quilt passed down from one to another that connects the generations.

This passing of information continues to be my focus in 2014-2015, with the emergence of symbols and marks related to technology and communication, in particular Social Media. These elements are supported by architectural environments, inspired by quilt blocks and ceramic brick, which enclose the figures in the narrative.

The basic figures and marks were created originally in 1983 and have “lived” in various forms; for many years they were confined to only my sketch book, a hidden world of personal hieroglyphics.

I see myself and my environment through the lens of the minimal mark. It is my objective to shun detail and ornamentation to allow the energy and the spirituality of the pattern and communication to come alive.